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Partner with an industry-leading call compliance software

Enables compliance with FCA standards for the banking and financial sector, with compliant call recording, call centre analytics, and insights integrated into your call provider.

Compliance recording fulfils legal requirements

  • Help your clients to comply with the latest regulations placed on institutions and integrate compliant call recording solutions for Microsoft Teams.
  • Compliant call recording allows organisations to become agile in the way they address regulatory compliance, while meeting ever evolving regulatory requirements.

Why would you partner with a call compliance monitoring software?


Fully integrated App in the Microsoft Teams environment.


Hosted and highly secured ​in Azure.


AI-Analytics for advanced data insights.


Trust on our solution Recording Insights for Microsoft Teams. Recording Insights is the only compliance recording and analytics app, that is both publisher attested and certified by Microsoft for security and compliance.

Compliance Recording & AI-Analytics in Microsoft Teams

Selected Microsoft Partner for compliance recording with a certified solution.

Excellent, unified user experience, ​no separate App

Highly scalable – preferred solution from SMB to Enterprise  

Azure AI Services and Azure Open AI​ for compliance & customer experience

Capturing of all media in Teams​ (voice, chat, video and screen)

Meet all regulatory compliance requirements 

Fast and easy to deploy (in hours)

Use your MACC commitment to transact in Azure Marketplace

You want to implement a call compliance monitoring software, which is certified, includes advanced AI-based analytics and offers you highest standards when it comes to data security? 

What our partners say

"The team belives that ASC is the simplest and most effective call recording solution that they have seen. Both of the senior team on the call have used multiple cometitor tools but have said that they belive ASC is simpler, conductive to use and pleasant to look at."

Julien Rawle

Cybersecurity Lead, Intermediate Capital Group 


Expanding regulations drives compliance demand

Your clients have peace of mind, and you can help protect their enterprise wherever work takes them. Compliance call monitoring software can ensure compliance for businesses on ALL Microsoft Teams communication.

Interested in becoming a partner?

Bridge the compliance gap on communication platforms like Microsoft Teams, unlock revenue with native compliance recording.