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Sobre ASC

Sobre ASC

Expertos en soluciones de grabación, gestión de calidad y análisis

Casi 60 años de experiencia en la industria de las comunicaciones

ASC es un proveedor líder mundial de software y soluciones Cloud en el campo de la grabación omni-canal, la gestión de calidad y análisis. Entre nuestros objetivos está cualquier empresa que grabe sus comunicaciones, en especial, Contact Centers, proveedores de servicios financieros, y organizaciones de Seguridad Pública. Ofrecemos soluciones de grabación así como análisis basado en IA y evaluación de todas las comunicaciones – incluyendo voz, vídeo, pantalla, chats o reuniones. Los contenidos de la comunicación son capturados de forma que puedan ser auditados, para poder de esta manera revelar tendencias e información crítica.

Nuestras soluciones pueden integrarse en todos los servicios líderes de Comunicaciones Unificadas (UC) así como en instalaciones con las PBXs más representativas líderes en el mercado. Consideramos que el futuro está en la tecnología Cloud: como resultado, nuestros servicios proporcionan multi-tenancy y también la máxima escalabilidad en Cloud. Aun así, damos mucha importancia a continuar brindando soporte in situ en las instalaciones del cliente, así como a arquitecturas híbridas que emplean una combinación entre instalaciones físicas y servicios Cloud. Ofrecemos a nuestros clientes una máxima flexibilidad para trasladar sus requisitos a una solución personalizada que les permita llegar al Cloud de la forma que necesiten.

Con sede en Alemania ASC es el nº1 europeo del sector, actualmente con subsidiarias en catorce países– Reino Unido, Francia, Italia, España, Suiza, Rumanía, Dubai, Estados Unidos, Brasil, México, Hong Kong, Japón, Singapur y Australia así como partners certificados y con experiencia en la integración de nuestros sistemas que representan a ASC en más de 60 países. Como empresa familiar con casi 60 años de experiencia en el campo de las comunicaciones, ASC ejemplifica tanto la estabilidad como la iniciativa empresarial.

Sobre ASC

ASC en cifras

20 % de ingresos anuales invertidos en I+D
60 + países con presencia ASC
100 % crecimiento Cloud anual


Sobre ASC


Günter Müller
Executive Chairman
Dr. Gerald Kromer
Chief Executive Officer
Marco Müller
Chief Operating Officer

Sobre ASC


Sobre ASC

Clientes de todo el mundo confían en ASC

"Recording Insights allows us to fulfill regulatory requirements for the capture of audio using Microsoft Teams and do so natively. Demonstrating innovation within this area, ASC offers the ability to convert captured audio to text, and it is even capable of automatically converting said text into multiple languages."

Brian Fruh
Chief Information Officer,
Impax Asset Management

"ASC's recording solution provides a uniform platform to record phone calls across the entire network. It complies with all the recording and documentation requirements of MiFID II and other relevant regulations with redundant systems to ensure all transactions are preserved."

Wolfgang Barnett
IT Architect,
NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank, Germany

About ASC

Corporate Responsibility

ASC believes that enduring business success is inextricably linked to ethical business conduct and good corporate citizenship. We have established a corporate governance infrastructure to promote ethical business practices and to communicate interpersonal expectations to our employees.

We support a corporate culture founded on core values. We are committed to conducting all aspects of our business ethically, consistent with ASC’s core values: decency, honesty, morality, integrity, innovation and transparency. These values shape the way we do business with our customers and partners as well as the way we treat each other, and they guide us in the decisions we make every day.

We believe that the best and most effective way to communicate the importance of ethics and compliance to our employees is to set a genuine good example through the behavior of our Board and executives.

ASC's Code of Conduct provides employees with comprehensive guidance on important topics and delivers a framework for making good decisions and communicating concerns. In addition, our employees regularly undergo training in a variety of interpersonal matters.​​

We strive to provide an ethical and productive environment for our employees.
At ASC, we’re dedicated to providing a productive, ethical and safe working environment in which ASC’s innovative spirit and market leadership can flourish.

We work to attract and retain people with the best and the brightest talents.

We recognize that our employees are the driving force behind ASC's success. That's why we engage outstanding individuals in every area of our business — experienced professionals who thrive in a dynamic environment that honors initiative, innovation and a customer-centric focus. Our fast-paced, challenging and collaborative work environment nurtures professional growth and offers a wide array of career advancement opportunities. Workforce planning provides managers with a framework for thinking strategically about the talents our company requires to meet and exceed our business goals.

We protect the health and safety of our employees and visitors of our facilities.
A safe and healthy environment for our employees and those who visit our facilities are especially important to us. We strive to:

  • Protect our employees, visitors and facilities from fire, hazardous materials and other threats to preserve safety and well-being.
  • Comply with government regulations and accepted standards about employee health and safety.
  • Ensure that mechanical and electrical equipment in our facilities conforms to accepted standards and is appropriately maintained.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain all areas within our facilities, such as kitchens and work areas, to proactively correct safety hazards.
  • Share health and safety information with our employees and increase employee awareness of their health and safety responsibilities.

Quality and environment are important topics at ASC since they are the foundation of our global success. Quality guidelines and environmental policies are a core element of ASC’s corporate strategy. ASC has an management system for quality and environmental protection certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.

For us, quality means fulfilling the expectations and demands of our customers, partners, employees and corporate management. The aim of our quality guidelines is to provide our customers with advanced and reliable products which are worth their price.

For many decades, ASC has complied with a certified quality management system in concordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, which comprises all business units and corporate processes. We define key performance indicators (KIPs) to enable our teams to measure quality and corporate performance. In addition, regular audits, customer surveys and management reviews allow us to continually assess quality.

Our corporate culture focuses on quality, and our management fosters consistent and lucid expectations across the company in terms of our quality goals. Furthermore, we work on sharing the way we understand quality with our suppliers and partners and on advancing the evolution of common quality standards.

ASC has established competence standards which allows us to permanently improve our processes, solutions and services. By introducing and maintaining our quality management system, we make sure that:

  • Quality guidelines and goals have been stipulated for the quality management system and that they are consistent with the context and the strategic orientation of the company.
  • The requirements of the quality management system are integrated into the business processes of the company.
  • A process-oriented approach and prudent reasoning and acting are fostered.
  • The relevance of our efficient quality management system as well as the importance of fulfilling its requirements are communicated.
  • The quality management system yields the intended results.
  • The process of improving the quality management system is promoted.

As a globally active company, we feel morally and socially obliged to minimize the environmental impact of our actions. While using state-of-the-art technology, ASC keeps in mind the interests of man and the harmony of environment and technology. We strive to foster economic momentum and at the same time to preserve vital resources for future generations.

ASCs environmental policies support ecological behavior in the sense of a sustainable and economic product development, purchase and production. ASC includes its suppliers and partners in its environmental policies, too.

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint in all our activities and to providing our customers with environmentally-friendly solutions and services.

Our sustainability strategy comprises the following aspects:

  • We strive to minimize our dependence on non-renewable resources for example by reducing energy consumption in our facilities, offering downloadable software and documentation to our customers, and distributing newsletters and other materials electronically.
  • We comply with environmental regulations and accepted sustainability standards including RoHS, WEEE and many more.
  • We develop, produce and package our products according to the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) as well as in compliance with other correlating laws and regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany to reduce use of hazardous substances, power consumption and packaging materials and to increase reusing and recycling material. Our products have been developed and produced according to German, European and international guidelines and have been labelled in accordance, e. g. with the CE marking.
  • For many years, ASC has had a certified environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard as well as company-wide environmental guidelines that we regularly assess by means of audits.
  • We encourage our suppliers to pursue a green corporate policy and comply with sustainability directives.
  • We educate our employees on environmentally sound behavior.

ASC understands information is an extremely valuable asset. For this reason, we are committed to protecting ASC’s corporate information as well as information associated with our customers, partners, vendors and others with whom we do business from intentional or unintentional misuse.

ASC has an information security management system certified according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 and meets additionally the requirements of SOC-2, as attested.

Our robust information security infrastructure with its standard-based Information Security Management System and security controls guarantees for efficient risk management. Our information security infrastructure features:

  • An Information Security Management System to manage, monitor and minimize risks for information security.
  • Integration of the information security into ASC's business processes.
  • Strictly defined access rights and controls.
  • Campaigns to raise the awareness of ASC employees regarding their responsibility to protect information.
  • Data privacy policies to comply with laws for protecting the personal information of our employees, partners and customers worldwide.

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