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06/19/2024 | 4:00 pM CEST (10:00 AM EDT)

Power Up Teams

Join us to learn about how to "Power up Teams" in our joint webinar with LeapXpert and Microsoft.

Be part of this session where Dr. Florian Lautenschlager, Partner Technology Strategist ISV (Microsoft), Ludo Rubin, Product Director (LeapXpert) and Ralf Rösel, Director Product Management (ASC), provide you with a complete overview of how to enrich Microsoft Teams with compliant and governed messaging and voice communications.

Our topics:

  • Learn how to seamlessly integrate compliant and governed messaging to apps such as WhatsApp and iMessage directly into Teams
  • Discover how to enrich Teams with compliant voice calls and AI-based analytics
  • Gain insights from real-world use cases to enhance your communication governance and compliance within the Microsoft Teams environment


Boost Compliance in Financial Services with AI

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Ralf Roesel | Director Product Management ASC Technologies
Ralf Rösel
Director Product Management

Ralf Rösel is Director Product Management at ASC. He is responsible for the alignment and further development of ASC’s entire product portfolio based on market evolution, customer requirements, and new legal regulations in ASC’s target markets.

Britta Chiaia
Britta Chiaia
Product Manager

Britta Chiaia is an experienced Product Manager at ASC Technologies. With her extensive expertise and commitment to innovative solutions, she drives the development and implementation of products that meet the highest standards of our customers.

Alex Anton
Alex Anton
Head of PreSales | PreSales & Consulting

Alex Anton is the Head of PreSales and Consulting at ASC Technologies. With his extensive experience and deep expertise in the IT and telecommunications industry, he successfully leads the PreSales and Consulting teams of our company.

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