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Safeguarding Financial Institutions

Enabling compliance recording and meet regulations such as Dodd-Frank, MIFID II, PCI-DSS or FDCPA.

Financial Institutions

Meet Compliance Regulations and Mitigate Business Risks

Recording Insights allows for a secure and compliant documentation process for various regulations, including Dodd-Frank, PCI-DSS, and MIFID II. Capture all communications across all media reliably and use leading AI and analytics tools to bring full transparency and automation to your compliance processes.

Compliance Recording

to capture all media (voice, chat, video and screen) and immediately alert any deviation to meet compliance requirements.

Compliance Phrase Spotting

to identify mandatory compliance statements and alert omissions, ensuring all regulatory requirements are met without fail.


to sort data based on its relevance to compliance, setting appropriate retention periods to ensure regulatory adherence.

Real-time Risk Alerting

to automatically filter the entire communication and providing instant alerts for any potential risks in real-time.

Automated Fraud Detection

to prevent fraud and avoid legal penalties through 100% automated analysis of conversations.

Speech-to-text Transcription

to document all calls with speech-to-text technology related to compliance, ensuring accurate recordings.


Boost Compliance in Financial Services with AI

A guide for financial services to enhance compliance in Microsoft Teams

at a Glance

Recording Insights

Our compliance recording solution Recording Insights captures all your communications effortlessly and securely in Microsoft Teams.

It's a certified, native-built cloud solution hosted in Azure that integrates seamlessly with the desktop and mobile app of Microsoft Teams.

Record and archive your calls, meetings, screen sharing, video and chat as well as leverage Azure AI Services to transcribe, analyze and translate your communications.

Recording Insights

Enabling Compliance and Turning Data into Business Value with AI

Gain Customer Insights with AI Data Analytics

Every communication in Microsoft Teams generates a large amount of data. These information offers deep insights into your customers' needs, your team's communication patterns but also potential business risks.

Gain valuable insights to improve decision-making and keep your business ahead of the curve with automated and AI data analytics.

What our Partners and Customers say

"With ASC Recording Insights, Microsoft Teams users can comply with complex regulatory requirements regarding recording and archiving 'with just one click' within Teams."

Mike Ammerlaan
Director of Microsoft 365 Ecosystem Marketing,
our partner Microsoft

"Recording Insights demonstrates what is possible in the modern-day technical landscape. It can be rightly described as the next generation solution."

Brian Fruh
Impax Asset Management

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