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Webinar: Teams Compliance Solution

Join our webinar and learn how you can make your internal and external communications more secure and compliant with our Recording Insights app in Microsoft Teams.

21-11-23 till 21-11-23

Challenges in meeting compliance requirements and increasing service quality.

  • Customers who record and manually review their communications face the following challenges:
  • limited coverage, typically only 2-3 percent of calls
  • random call selection, not related to risk profile of call
  • tedious, repetitive labor, prone to human error
  • no extraction of business insights from those calls

Affected Customers have high risks, but no Insights from their customer communication!

Webinar Topics

  • Validation of all disclaimers have been said
  • Automated categorization of regulated (e.g., FCA, MiFID II, Dodd Frank) vs. non-regulated calls
  • Identification of calls containing personal data
  • Automated categorization of calls with PCI-DSS sensitive information (e.g., credit cards)
  • Detection of customer complaints and calls with negative customer sentiment
  • Discovery of inappropriate consulting practices
  • Measurement of agent script adherence
  • Identification of customers at risk of churn
  • Provision of an automatic meeting summary and extraction of action items