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Digital consumer experience for your customer communication

Customer Experience Management

A Call Center Monitoring System to Optimize Your Customer Experience

Happy customers thanks to excellent service

Customer experience is more than just individual incidents but is comprised of the entire customer journey and any contact that customers may have with your company via different media and touchpoints. The quality of communication in your call center - and thus the customer experience – is a key driver of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

It is therefore essential to monitor the quality of your service at all times and to identify potential for improvement.

This is where our call center monitoring system helps you to get the best customer experience.

Customer Experience Management

Typical Requirements

Offer personalized digital consumer experience

Systematic digital consumer experience helps you to get to know your customers and to cater to their requirements accordingly which in turn increases customer satisfaction and long-term customer loyalty. A call center monitoring system helps you achieve these goals.

Recording all customer interactions

incl. audio, video, screen, chat

Evaluating communication

to improve agent skills

Classifying conversations

to reveal trends and hot topics

Real-time alarming

in case of critical customer interactions

Identifying sales opportunities

to boost successful sales strategies

Improving the efficiency of processes

by complying with call scripts

Customer Experience Management

Artificial Intelligence in the Call Center

Automizing routines with AI

The number of customer interactions is increasing permanently – data and information from different channels add to the amount on a daily basis. Manually assessing this information is impossible. So, how do you tap into this treasure cove of information coming directly from your customers?

ASC’s call center monitoring system allows you to analyze all interactions in your call center automatically using artificial intelligence. Your employees can then focus on those interactions that offer the greatest potential for improving customer satisfaction, cross-selling, or remarketing.

Customer Experience Management

Reasons to opt for ASC for Digital Consumer Experience

Your solution for more customer satisfaction

ASC’s call center monitoring system for recording, quality management, and analysis enables you to document digital consumer experience in its entirety across all channels and analyze it by means of state-of-the-art AI technology. One benefit is learning more about the requirements and potential of your customers; another one is being able to evaluate your employees on a regular basis which helps you detect where you could support your employees with individual trainings. Both factors contribute to continuously improve your digital consumer experience.

Other industries

Our Solutions

Recording und Analytics for better customer experience

Recording Insights enables you to transcribe the recordings in Microsoft Teams. Additionally, you can examine them for emotions and translate them into more than 60 languages – completely automatic.

Fast and easy onboarding, scalable and secure.

Cloud-based solutions for recording, analytics and evaluation

Flexible services for efficient customer experience management to respond in the short term and grow in the long term.

Available from the Neo Cloud or as a partner-operated model.