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Intelligent analysis of your communication

Artificial intelligence

Call Center AI Solutions to Increase Compliance and Digital Consumer Experience

Channeling the flood of communication data

Artificial intelligence (AI) facilitates evaluating vast amounts of data in a short time and allows recognizing patterns and correlations more quickly than any human could.

This is where ASC’s call center AI solution saves time and money as well as helping companies to achieve their long-term goals: meeting compliance requirements, creating perfect digital consumer experience and increasing the performance of their processes.

Tapping valuable data quickly and intelligently

Does a call center AI solution that transcribes the most important facts of a customer conversation in real time, spots keywords, and automatically translates the conversation at the same time sound like magic to you?

With AI this magic becomes real! When using artificial intelligence, your employees can focus on responding to individual customer needs and thus significantly improve customer service. At the same time, you ensure the fulfillment of all compliance requirements and minimize your business risks with the power of automated call analysis.

Artificial intelligence

Use Cases

Use of artificial intelligence to achieve business goals

Shortening work processes

Revealing trends and root causes thereby reducing processing times

Improving customer experience

Documenting customer feedback and interpreting the customers’ emotions correctly – in every call

Increasing compliance adherence

Analyzing calls for compliance relevance and issuing alarms in case of potential compliance breaches

Reducing risks

Analyzing calls for uncharacteristic behavior

Industry-specific use of artificial intelligence

ASC is also involved regionally and works closely with the Technical University of Aschaffenburg in the area of artificial intelligence. As part of the KIBU project, which stands for "KI am Bayerischen Untermain" (AI in the Bavarian Lower Main), we promote the understanding of artificial intelligence among the employees of companies in the region in the Bavarian Lower Main and thereby also aim to reduce barriers to AI applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Our Solutions

Our call center AI solution for recording, quality management and analysis

Our Neo suite offers all tools for keyword and phrase spotting, transcription, and emotion detection – on-premise or as a service from the cloud – while complying with highest security standards. Neo is our all-in-one call center AI solution that brings your quality management processes to a new level.

Recording and analyzing communication in Microsoft Teams

Recording Insights enables you to transcribe the recordings of all your communications in Microsoft Teams. Additionally, you can examine them for emotions and translate them into more than 60 languages – completely automatic and just one mouse click away. On top of that, the Compliance Policy Engine allows you to assess communications according to customized predefined rules.