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Voice Recording and Analytics for all Industries

Other industries

Communication recording and analysis for added business value

Document the communication with your customers and optimize your business processes

Today, customer communications have a very high value for companies in all industries. In the simplest case, it is a matter of recording this communication and being able to reproduce it in a comprehensible manner at any time - to the point of analyzing and deriving measures from it, e.g. for customer retention or remarketing. 

Voice recording and analysis creates added business value for all industries today. Use them for your company, too!

Other industries

Use Cases

Cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid

Recording and AI technologies for verifiable capturing, playback and analysis of your customer communications.


HIPAA compliant patient communication


Customer knowledge brings trust and loyalty


Verifiable documentation of client communication


Data-driven optimization of the customer experience

Other industries

Our Solutions

Cloud-based services for recording and evaluation of your communications

With Neo Cloud Services, we offer easy deployment for recording, analysis and quality management from the cloud.

Services for recording and analyzing communications in Microsoft Teams

As a cloud service, Recording Insights records voice, chat and video communications within Microsoft Teams and can analyze them using artificial intelligence if required.