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Public Safety

Governance Risk and Compliance System Solution

Improve critical communications and protection for people and assets

Optimize communication in case of emergency with reliable recording and AI data analytics.

Public safety and security organizations need to record communication in a legally compliant manner to meet requirements and provide immediate access to relevant information in the event of an emergency. 

This poses a major challenge, especially when it comes to responding to emergencies and coordinating between the organizations involved.

Our emergency services software supports multimedia recording, documentation, and analysis of voice, radio, text, video, and associated metadata, making processes more efficient and significantly improving the ability to respond to emergencies. Through the use of AI technologies, we are continuously improving the communication capabilities of emergency call centers.

Public Safety

With AI Data Analytics, Emergency Centers Improve Productivity

AI-based analytics software offers a valuable tool for streamlining processes, enhancing decision-making, and enabling swift and effective responses in emergency situations.

Status Quo

Emergency centers today are faced with staff shortages and must also use scarce resources for non-emergency calls.


There is a productivity challenge in managing the call volume with the existing team.


Implementing AI to automatically analyze all caller interactions.


Higher staff productivity and better adherence to processes.

Public Safety

Typical Requirements for Emergency Centers and Public Safety Organizations

Complying with government regulations when recording your emergency communications improves the efficiency of event analysis and documentation, and highlights opportunities for process improvement.

Reliable Recording

  • Omni-channel recording of all communication channels, incl. radio
  • Fast access
  • High availability
  • True multi-tenancy

Artificial Intelligence

  • Automatic call categorization between emergency and non-emergency calls
  • Fast prioritization
  • Real-time alerting for emergencies
  • Keyword and phrase recognition

Public Safety

A Public Sector Software Adhering to Government Regulatory Compliance

Respond to emergencies and reconstruct recent calls at the touch of a button.

Seamless recording of communication

through recording of all communication channels

Instant conversation reconstruction

for a quick overview of crisis situations

Automatic call categorization

for automatic detection of trends

Threat call recording

through recording control in case of threats

Public Safety

Our Solutions

Recording Insights

Microsoft Teams solution for recording and analyzing public sector communications

As a cloud service, Recording Insights records voice, chat and video communications from government agencies and public safety organizations and can analyze them using artificial intelligence when needed.

Neo Suite

Critical communication recording and analysis solutions

Neo Suite as control center software offers an integrated solution for a complete documentation and reconstruction of communication in control and emergency call centers, or for support in the context of threat scenarios within companies. 


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