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Recording Insights for Cloud Recording & Analytics

Recording Insights

Choosing the right compliance recording solution

Compliance recording for Microsoft Teams, RingCentral and Zoom

Our compliance recording solution, Recording Insights, captures all your communications effortlessly and securely, whether for Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, or Zoom. It's a certified, native-built cloud solution hosted in Azure that integrates seamlessly with your collaboration platform.

Record and archive your calls, meetings, screen sharing, video and chat as well as leverage the Microsoft Cognitive Services to transcribe, analyze and translate your communications.

Recording Insights

The Perfect Compliance Solution for Microsoft Teams

Ensure you are meeting legal or compliance requirements

Our native-built cloud recording service helps you to reliably capture all communications and leverage leading AI and analytics tools to bring full transparency and automation to your compliance processes within Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft certified solution

for compliance call recording in Microsoft Teams

Ensuring compliance

with Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, FDCPA, HIPAA among others

Cloud-native solution

for quick and easy deployment

Dynamics 365 integration

to link records directly to entities in your CRM

Secure and flexible

with multiple storage options in Azure the customer chooses

Cognitive Services

reports and compliance policies based on Microsoft AI

Recording Insights

Ensure compliance for RingCentral and Zoom

Compliance and security for cloud communications platforms

Our cloud-based recording service helps you to reliably capture and archive RingCentral and Zoom calls and meetings in a compliant manner. Recording Insights detects regulatory and corporate compliance risks in video, audio, screenshare and chat using leading AI and analytics tools.

Cloud-native solution

for quick and easy deployment

Compliance coverage

for MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, HIPAA, FDCPA among others

All recordings within one system

across different UC and CC platforms (cloud and on-premise)

Dynamics 365 integration

to directly reflect communications in your customer journey

Secure and flexible

with selectable storage options

Insights and analytics

via reports generated on usage and compliance

Recording Insights

How Recording Insights can help you

If your organization is required to record customer communications, it is crucial to ensure that you stay compliant at all times. Usually, the standard recording capabilities of modern UCaaS Platforms are not sufficient to meet the applicable compliance guidelines. Therefore, Recording Insights provides compliance recording for companies in regulated industries.

Furthermore, we help you to transform your communications into valuable information that helps you meet compliance regulations., Recording Insights allows you to transcribe, translate and analyze audio, video and chat by means of Microsoft Cognitive Services. Potential compliance risks are identified automatically in real time, without the need for human intervention.

Recording Insights

Use Cases

Financial Institutions

Fulfilling compliance regulations and managing risks

  • Highly available and secured recording of all media
  • Auto-categorization of compliance calls
  • Compliance phrase spotting
  • Alerting for potentially non-compliant communication

Public Sector

Protecting lives and assets

  • Tamper-proof documentation of all communication, incl. radio
  • Threat-call recording
  • Immediate call reconstruction
  • Trend analysis and risk alerting


Improving care and efficiency

  • Capture of all eligible communication
  • Protection of sensitive patient information
  • Compliance with healthcare standards, e.g. HIPAA
  • Quality improvement of patient engagement

Recording Insights

What our customers say about Recording Insights

"With Recording Insights, Microsoft Teams users can meet complex, regulatory requirements for recording and archiving 'with just one click' within Teams."

Mike Ammerlaan
Director Microsoft 365 Ecosystem,
Microsoft Corporation, USA

"Recording Insights demonstrates what is possible in the modern-day technical landscape. It can be rightly described as the next-generation solution."

Brian Fruh
Impax Asset Management, USA

"The integration of Recording Insights into Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows users to manage complex regulatory requirements for recording and archiving in their preferred CRM system."

Neha Bajwa
Senior Director,

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Recording Insights


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