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Recording, Quality Management & Analytics Software

Neo Suite

Recording, Compliance and Analytics to Document and Analyze Your Communications

Optimize and record your communication for compliance, customer experience or protection of lives and assets

With ASC's compliance recording, analytics and quality management software Neo, users won't have to worry about recording compliance ever again. They also can increase their service quality or respond optimally in emergencies. Challenges of this kind are part of daily business for companies and public sector organizations. ASC offers solutions to record, analyze and evaluate multimedia interactions. Communication content is captured with AI-based analytics, important information is generated, and trends are detected. This provides management with the basis for decision-making in real time. In addition, starting points for increasing productivity are identified.

Companies and public sector organizations with on-premise PBXs can either deploy ASC's Neo Suite on-premise, or use all services from the Neo Cloud.

Neo Suite

Neo Suite Highlights

Recording, Compliance and Analytics Solutions for your Business Needs

Seamless integration

into all major PBX providers

Omni-channel recording

of audio, video, screen, chat and SMS

Highest availability

and secure encryption mechanisms

Recording on demand

through powerful rules for selective recording

Integrated analytics

for valuable customer insights

Flexible search & replay

via web-based playback capabilities

Integrated quality management

to increase service quality and performance

Powerful APIs

for search & replay, tagging and provisioning

Neo Suite

How Neo Suite can help you

Recording & compliance for all of your communication

Meet compliance regulations such as Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, or FDCPA

Neo Compliance Recording captures, stores and archives all communications and related information across all channels in a compliant manner.

With our Neo Suite, we support organizations to meet key compliance standards such as Dodd-Frank, MiFID II and PCI-DSS for finance, or HIPAA for healthcare, among others. This is achieved e.g., through highly available and fully secured recordings, individualized access rights, and AI based analytics technologies.

Satisfied customers thanks to our quality management solutions

Create an outstanding service experience

Our Neo Suite allows you to analyze recorded interactions between agents and customers. This way, you gain systematic insights into your service quality and can continuously improve the customer experience via targeted quality management.

Our quality management software enables the detailed analysis of a representative number of conversations. Effective approaches for improving service quality can thus be easily identified. An integrated eLearning module supports the individual training of agents.

Analyses and evaluations based on powerful AI tools

Get comprehensive insights and reports on your communications

Our software solution analyzes and evaluates your everyday conversations. AI based speech analytics and emotion detection as well as screen recording identify trends so that you can identify your customers' requirements early on and stay one step ahead of the competition. Quality management processes can be made more efficient by means of automated analytics, so that you can concentrate on the essentials, namely improving your service quality.

Compliance violations can also be detected early on so that you can meet legal requirements and avoid heavy penalties.

Recording Insights

What our customers say about Recording Insights

"ASC’s communications recording solution empowers our public safety agencies and makes them the equal of any nation in the European Union."

Jürgen Lasn
Leading telecommunication networks expert,

"After only a few months, we have optimized our running processes and obtained valuable information about our service level by analyzing call center interactions."

R. Riganelli
Operation Internal Audit,

Neo Suite


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