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Recording and Analytics for Contact Centers

Contact Centers

Improve Your Sales Performance with our Quality Management Solutions

Powerful Quality Management Tools to Analyze Your Costumer Communications

The contact center is the hub of a company, through which all customer contacts and inquiries are handled. It thus defines customer satisfaction, as well as the image of a company.

Since the competition is always just a mouse click away, the customer service experience becomes a decisive differentiating factor in competition. The key here is speed and the most uncomplicated dialog possible in the interests of the customer, coupled with high quality and compliance according to legal regulations.

Efficient tools for documentation, analysis, training and quality management are indispensable for this and help you increase your sales performance while giving you comprehensive insights into your communication inside and outside the company.

Contact Centers

Use Cases

Defining and optimizing service quality 

Quality management and analysis solutions use recorded customer interactions to measure service quality as well as to reveal specific potential for improvement of your sales performance. This continuously increases the service level and enhances customer experience.

Quality assurance

to continuously assess interactions and to identify potential for improvement

E-learning and coaching

to train agents and to provide them with learning material

Process optimization

to identify issues by means of desktop analysis

Voice and text analysis

to filter out valuable information among the vast amount of data

Contact Centers

Typical Requirements

Maintaining high performance and quality standards

AI solutions can support you in structuring your data automatically to be able to detect trends and potential for optimization more quickly and thus to be one step ahead of competitors. At the same time, they offer professional quality management to improve your service quality and your sales performance.

Customer Experience Management

  • Assessment of customer interactions
  • Creating links across time and channels
  • Harmonizing customer experience
  • Efficient agent training
  • Meeting compliance requirements

Artificial Intelligence

  • Automatic data structuring
  • Target-oriented analysis
  • Optimizing work processes
  • Detecting keywords and phrases
  • Issuing escalation alarms

Contact Centers

Our Solutions

Call center software for recording, quality assurance and analysis of communications

Our Neo suite offers all tools required for a comprehensive quality management process including legally compliant recording, AI solutions, automated data analysis as well as evaluation and training of employees.

Cloud-based solutions for recording, analysis and evaluation

Customized contact center services to be able to react short-term and increase your sales performance long-term.  

Available from the Neo Cloud or as a partner-operated model.

Contact centers

Contact Center Handbook

Current trends and challenges in the contact center

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