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Maximize Service Quality: Contact Center Analytics Solutions

Powerful Quality Management Tools to Analyze Your Customer Communications

Gain valuable insights from your customer communication with AI data analytics.

With the competition always just a click away, the customer service experience becomes a key competitive differentiator. The key is speed and simplicity in the customer's interest, coupled with excellent quality and regulatory compliance.

That is why contact center recording is essential for documentation, analysis, agent training, and quality management. It not only helps to significantly improving your sales performance but also provides a holistic and comprehensive understanding of both internal and external communications.

An additional use of advanced AI data analytics tools allows companies to identify signs of customer dissatisfaction early by analyzing customer communication, thereby enabling proactive measures to prevent customer churn.

Contact Center

Improve Customer Experience in Contact Centers with AI Data Analytics

Utilize the full potential of AI-powered analytics software by analyzing 100% of your communications. These insights can be used to enhance customer satisfaction, refine product offerings, and facilitate informed business decisions.

Status Quo

Today, supervisors manually monitor on average only less than 3% of all communication.


97% quality risk. Zero business insights.


Using AI to automatically analyze all customer interactions.


Better customer experience. More customer and product insights.

Contact Center

Maintaining High Performance & Quality Standards with Contact Center Analytics Solutions

AI-powered inbound call tracking software solutions help structure your data automatically, enabling faster trend detection and optimization to stay ahead of your competition. At the same time, they continuously improve their service quality through professional quality management.

Customer Experience Management

  • Assessment of customer interactions
  • Harmonizing customer experience
  • Creating links across time and channels
  • Efficient agent training
  • Meeting compliance requirements

Artificial Intelligence & Analytics

  • Automatic summary and structuring of calls
  • Optimization of work flows
  • Identification of negative customer feedback
  • Measuring agent script adherence
  • Automatic categorization of calls with sensitive PCI DSS information

Contact Center

Master Contact Center Compliance for Various Applications

Measuring and optimizing service quality 

Quality management and analysis solutions use recorded customer interactions to measure service quality and identify specific opportunities to improve sales performance. As a result, you can continuously enhance service levels and optimize the customer experience.

Quality management

to continuously assess interactions and identify potential for improvement.

Audio and text analysis

to filter out valuable information among the vast amount of data.

Process optimization

to identify issues by means of desktop analysis.

E-learning and coaching

to train agents and provide them with learning material.

Contact Center

Call Center Solutions for Recording, Quality Management, and AI Data Analytics for all Communications

Recording Insights

Microsoft Teams App for Contact Centers

Recording Insights is a Microsoft-certified, native app that securely records and archives all communications for Microsoft Teams with comprehensive features tailored to the needs of contact centers.

Neo Suite and Neo Cloud Services

Cloud and On-Premise Solution for Recording, QM and Analytics

Neo Suite provides comprehensive solutions for contact centers, including recording, analysis, and quality management of customer interactions, all powered by AI. 

Contact Center

Comprehensive Information on our Solutions for Recording, Analytics and AI

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