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ASC and Oreico Conquer the Latin American Cloud Recording Market

Smart Recording is the First Cloud Recording Solution on Azure in Mexico

ASC Technologies AG and Oreico Trading Solutions have entered into a strategic partnership. The goal is to offer a recording solution from the cloud for the Latin American market. Smart Recording is the first cloud recording solution on Microsoft Azure in Mexico.

Oreico has been using ASC's Omni-Channel Recording, Quality Management and Analytics solutions for several years. Now the trading solutions provider has built a hybrid cloud infrastructure hosted in Mexico to offer ASC's innovative services with Smart Recording. „At Oreico we believe in long term partnerships with industry leaders and providing full solutions for the trading floor ecosystem. With ASC we have found a partner to bring the best solutions for Recording, Quality Management and Analytics into our cloud. We look forward to continue to work with ASC, to provide superior cloud recording services to the trading market”, says Roberto Stewart, CEO at Oreico.

Smart Recording includes:

  • Recording: voice, video, chat, screen, SMS
  • Quality Management: Quality Monitoring, eLearning, Emotion Detection
  • Analytics: Keyword Spotting, Transcription, Compliance Analysis

Smart Recording enables legally compliant recording of all corporate communications in accordance in accordance with given security standards across all channels - telephony, chat, SMS, video and screen. In combination with powerful quality management and analysis functions, companies receive an important tool for business intelligence, service optimization, the qualification of employees and increased customer satisfaction. The solutions are used in contact centers in order to improve the quality of customer service and consultation. At financial service institutions such as banks, insurance companies, brokerages, and securities dealers they are used to ensure highest security and compliance (for example with MIFID II or the Dodd-Frank Act).

Obtaining these services from the cloud means a high level of availability and flexible scalability for corporate users, while keeping overall costs low. “Smart Recording is the perfect solution for companies of any size – from mid-size companies to large corporations“, says Dr. Gerald Kromer, the Chief Executive Officer of ASC. “By partnering with Oreico, we create value for our customers and partners by offering solutions from the cloud that are scalable, easy to use, and highly available.” Companies with on-premise PBXs can also take advantage of the recording as a service from the cloud. That way, they benefit from all the advantages of cloud-based solutions without having to reorganize their own infrastructure.