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HIPAA-Compliant Software Solutions for Recording & Analytics

Optimal Service Quality and Data Protection
in the Healthcare Sector

Adhere to healthcare regulations and compliance guidelines with the right solution and generate valuable data for further analysis using AI.

For healthcare facilities and insurers, the secure handling of sensitive patient data in digital communication is essential and requires responsible solutions for documentation and storage. Healthcare organizations must guarantee compliance with all aspects of health information privacy.

This includes not only protecting data against unauthorized access but also ensuring its integrity and availability.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has significant implications for processing and storing patient data in the United States. It sets stringent rules on how personal health information must be collected, processed, and protected. Therefore, it is crucial to use a reliable, HIPAA-compliant software for recording, archiving, and analyzing. HIPAA is one example for stringent data security rules which can be found in nearly every country.


Recording Communication in the Healthcare Sector

Safely storage of sensitive patient data

Secure recording in telemedicine

In telemedicine, the recording of consultations plays an absolutely vital role. Recording is essential for documenting medical consultations and improving service quality. Our solutions offer recording conversations securely and in compliance with HIPAA and GDPR, while ensuring highest security standards.

Recording for health insurance companies and hospitals

Service quality in the contact centers of health insurance companies and hospitals is critical to gain patients’ confidence. Recording and analyzing electronic patient communications fosters continuous improvement of service quality and serves to quickly identify and document threat calls. AI-based analysis of conversations can significantly increase the efficiency of contact center agents, resulting in better patient care.


HIPAA-Compliant Communications

Typical requirements for healthcare regulation compliance and quality management

The healthcare industry produces an immense amount of data, creating an urgent need for strict compliance policies. When paired with artificial intelligence and automated analytics tools, this data holds immense potential.

Secure Recording

  • HIPAA and healthcare compliant omni-channel recording
  • Highest healthcare security standards
  • Geo-redundant recording to help comply with healthcare regulations
  • Flexible customization of recording rules
  • Powerful search function and replay of customer conversations

Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

  • HIPAA and healthcare compliance monitoring
  • Automatically categorize data
  • Document sessions according to healthcare compliance standards
  • Manage risks within the healthcare regulatory framework
  • Detect fraud within healthcare compliance parameters


Data Protection and Compliance with AI

Your key to Successful Risk Management

With artificial intelligence and analytics capabilities, you can create complete transparency for your patients while identifying the conversations that are critical to compliance.

Automatic compliance statement detection

to meet binding privacy and compliance guidelines in the healthcare sector

Automatic categorization

without predefining, detects communication and medical consultation topics within the conversation

Documentation via transcription

ensuring complete and secure documentation of relevant patient information

Risk alerting

for real-time detection of behaviors that pose potential data security threats or violations

Quality management

thanks to full transparency of your communication and medical documentation

Threat call recording

Efficiently identify and document threats to ensure the safety of your facility and patients through threat recording control


HIPAA-Compliant Software Solutions

Count on our solutions to effectively secure and manage sensitive healthcare data with utmost security. Our software adheres to the stringent HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, ensuring that all personal health information (PHI) is handled with the highest level of confidentiality and integrity. By integrating our technology, you can minimize risk, avoid compliance penalties, and ensure that your patient data is protected against unauthorized access and breaches. 

Recording Insights

GDPR & HIPAA-compliant solution for Microsoft Teams

Recording Insights is a native App, certified for Microsoft Teams for compliance recording and AI data analytics and enables customers in regulated industries to adopt Microsoft Teams for external communication.

Neo Suite

Cloud or on-premise solution for recording, compliance, and analytics

Neo Suite is a recording and analytics solution that supports health insurance companies and hospitals to ensure compliant documentation for HIPPA and other regulations.


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