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ASC Enables Compliant Recording of Video Consultations

ASC Enables Compliant Recording of Video Consultations

EVOIPneo meets MiFID II regulations with tamper-proof video recording

ASC, a worldwide leading software provider, today announced the availability of its EVOIPneo solution to record video consultations. The customized integration for video consulting platforms provides compliant recording and archiving of investment advice.

Legal regulations, such as MiFID in Europe and the Dodd-Frank Act in the United States, have mandated the recording of all video consultations made by banks and providers of financial services. MiFID II, effective as of January 3, 2018, will require comprehensive and tamper-proof recording and archiving of all consultant calls on any channel: phone, video, chat or e-mail.

Marco Mueller, Chief Operating Officer of ASC, said, “EVOIPneo ensures our customers will meet the latest legal regulations of MiFID II to record consultations by video as well as other channels. ASC invests up to 20 percent of its annual revenues in research and development, so we can offer state-of-the-art, compliant solutions and thus ensure our customers will avoid the assessment of heavy fines.”

Depending on the users’ needs, the recording can be started manually or initiated automatically whenever a predefined application is activated. To facilitate subsequent search-and-replay, additional call-index data may be automatically or manually tagged to the interaction.

EVOIPneo may also record the video identification process used as a proof of identity for multiple purposes, such as opening a bank account online. EVOIPneo also provides tamper-proof documentation of threat calls. If a seemingly innocent conversation takes a more ominous turn, the consultant can press a dedicated button to preserve the entire conversation from the beginning and tag it as “threat call”. Furthermore, the transferred meta data or even the IP address of the caller are saved for criminal investigation.

EVOIPneo may be complemented by a versatile workforce optimization suite encompassing quality management, speech analytics, eLearning, customer feedback and workforce management, and may be integrated with other customer-specific solutions.