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ASC is Certified Provider for the Recording of Airbus TETRA 7.0

Network-wide recording of mission-critical communications in public safety organizations with ASC's solution EVOIPneo

ASC's recording software, EVOIPneo, has become certified for recording communication within TETRA 7.0 Airbus networks. TETRA is a universal digital radio standard enabling mission-critical communications among disparate public safety organizations during an emergency situation.

ASC is a gold member of the TWISP Developer Program of the Airbus business unit Secure Land Communications and has decades of experience with mission-critical communications. EVOIPneo records and analyzes all analog and digital communication among police, fire and emergency responders, including VoIP, trunked radio, chat and Short Data Services (SDS). The flexible architecture enables bulk recording as well as selective storage of the data depending on agency needs.

Marco Mueller, Chief Operating Officer of ASC, said, “We have developed a very close relationship with Airbus, and we are honored to offer the only recording solution certified for TETRA 7.0. Our integrated solution, EVOIPneo, is ideal for public safety agencies. The software improves response rates and facilitates the subsequent analysis of events, including precise reconstruction of incidents on the basis of recorded communications data.”

EVOIPneo guarantees fail-safe recording of all public safety communications with maximum data security and system availability at all times. Its multi-tenant capability enables the use of a recording solution in multiple control centers or departments with a strict separation of the data for various groups. Fast and intuitive search-and-replay facilitates the review of ongoing communications during emergency situations.

ASC's recording solution is also certified for TETRA 5.0 and TETRA 6.0.