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ASC Recording Insights Available for Microsoft Teams

Enables compliance recording and analytics in Microsoft Teams

ASC Technologies AG today announces that the native app ASC Recording Insights is available as an add-on for Microsoft Teams. ASC Recording Insights provides Microsoft Teams users with comprehensive analytics tools to evaluate recorded audio and video data. Intelligent insights are generated from these conversations using the power of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services that also enable a proactive approach to compliance management.

 “With ASC Recording Insights, we provide our customers additional important functionality within Microsoft Teams, thus supporting them on their journey to digitization”, explains Dr. Gerald Kromer, Chief Executive Officer of ASC.

Legally compliant recording and archiving in Microsoft Teams

All organizations with a legal obligation to record and archive their communications will benefit from ASC’s integration with Microsoft Teams. ASC Recording Insights analyzes all communication in Microsoft Teams to ensure seamless compliance with critical regulations while fully leveraging the secure foundation provided by Microsoft Azure. “Microsoft Teams provides users with a central platform for end-to-end business communications. Especially for our customers in Finance, legally compliant recording is imperative – and ASC is able to offer this to our mutual customers thanks to this integration”, says Kromer.

All data is encrypted tenant-specifically and archived in selectable Azure regions. This gives organizations the power to isolate their data footprint by region, which helps companies comply with critical regulations related to compliance recording and data privacy. Using the app, organizations are able to protect themselves against liability claims and other business risks.

“ASC Recording Insights allows Microsoft Teams users to manage complex regulatory requirements for recording and archiving ‘with a click’ within Teams”, states Mike Ammerlaan, director, Microsoft 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft Corp.

Azure Cognitive Services drive Proactive Compliance

All recorded audio conversations are transcribed to text using Speech Services, an Azure Cognitive Service. Modern natural language processing (NLP) services are also used to enable automatic categorization, emotion detection, and language translation directly within the app. Communication content can thus be categorized, extracted, transcribed, tagged, translated, and analyzed without requiring manual human review. This enables proactive recognition of potential compliance risks in real-time, enabling compliance officers to focus directly on the communications that are relevant for compliance. “Thanks to Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, companies are able to integrate the power of modern AI into their own products. These powerful tools are native parts of ASC Insights Recording for Microsoft Teams, enabling users to understand and analyze their data proactively”, says Kromer.

Advantages at a glance

  • Record all Microsoft Teams communication (audio internal/external, chats, meetings, video calls, content, etc.)
  • Archive in Microsoft Azure in selectable geographical regions/locations
  • Quick and easy deployment thanks to “Click & Buy”
  • Integrated app in Microsoft Teams (no third-party application required) for streamlined user experience
  • Turnkey compliance MiFID II and Dodd-Frank
  • User matching via Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  • Powerful, proactive insights using Azure Cognitive Services

New features are expected to roll out for ASC Recording Insights in 2020. Specifically, ASC Recording Insights will enable all native conversations occurring within Teams to be recorded and archived and is legally compliant. This includes audio and video calls, chats, meetings, and related content. The new feature provides a completely self-contained solution for Compliance Recording in Teams.

Azure Cloud Strategy

ASC has always been a pioneer driving adoption of cloud-native technologies, and offer its entire solution portfolio from the cloud. ASC Recording Insights is fully powered by Azure, as well as ASC’s neo recording and analytics services enable recording and analysis of traditional enterprise voice and trade floor communications. ASC is a long-time Microsoft Gold and One Commercial Partner which enables Microsoft Partners to offer ASC’s complete portfolio as part of its co-sell ready status.