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ASC's Solutions Help Authorities Preserve and Respond to Threatening Phone Calls

ASC's Solutions Help Authorities Preserve and Respond to Threatening Phone Calls

In a time of widespread turmoil, ASC’s recording solutions are being implemented by many public agencies to help preserve and respond to threatening phone calls.

More and more public facilities such as stadiums, embassies, airports, train stations or business offices are affected by threatening phone calls. Communications recording solutions enable the preservation of suspicious conversations and help public institutions and authorities to assess the situation, as well as initiate steps to protect the public and analyze the crime.

Marco Mueller, Chief Operating Officer of ASC, said, “The prevalence of threatening phone calls is a grave reality in today’s world, and we are pleased to do our part in the battle against it. With ASC’s documentation solutions, suspicious calls can be recorded simply by pressing a button. Otherwise, critical background information could get lost or become distorted.”

With ASC's communications recording systems, at any time during the call, the recording function can be activated to save the entire call from the beginning. Integrated time-code systems add further information, such as the exact date, the number of the caller and time of the call. All measurements are accurate within a hundredth of a second.

The recordings are encrypted with an ASC proprietary format. In addition, recorded threat calls can be saved in WAV-format for transmission and replayed with a standard player. The tamper-proof recordings may be used as evidence for police investigations.

Furthermore, a configurable start/stop-control ensures only that threatening phone calls are preserved. All other communications will be immediately overwritten for protection of privacy. This mechanism is compliant with many international criminal codes enacted to protect confidentiality of oral communications. They limit the recording of phone calls to situations with concrete justification, such as an incoming threat call.