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Microsoft Ignite The Tour 2020

ASC is Presenting ASC Recording Insights for Compliance Recording and Analytics in Microsoft Teams

ASC Technologies AG is participating in this year’s Microsoft Ignite The Tour at several venues presenting its latest solution “ASC Recording Insights” for Microsoft Teams. The native app guarantees legally compliant recording and archiving of all conversations within Teams. Analysis functionalities help to evaluate the recorded data and ensure the full compliance with legal regulations on the secure basis of Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Ignite The Tour 2020

Ignite The Tour 2020 is a series of local conferences at different international venues that brings Microsoft Ignite from Orlando to cities all around the globe. The conference offers its participants the opportunity to meet like-minded people as well as Microsoft experts and stars of the community, to exchange opinions on equal terms and add new contacts to their personal network. At key venues, ASC is a sponsor and presents its native app ASC Recording Insights for compliance recording and analytics in Microsoft Teams.

Overview of the ASC-sponsored venues

  • London | 16th and 17th January: booth 537
  • Milan | 27th and 28th January: booth 300
  • Washington D.C. | 6th and 7th February: booth 407
  • Singapore | 20th and 21 February
  • Amsterdam | 11th and 12th March
  • Hong Kong | 25th and 26th March
  • Mexico City | 30th and 31st March
  • Berlin | 29th and 30th April
  • Stockholm | 5th and 6th May

ASC Recording Insights

ASC Recording Insights offers Microsoft Teams users a comprehensive tool for legally compliant recording and archiving as well as for the evaluation of all conversations within Teams. Conversations include audio and video calls, chats, meetings, and additional data. Speech Services, a component of Azure Cognitive Services, transcribe audio conversations into text. On top of that, Natural Language Processing facilitates automated categorization as well as emotion detection and translation directly within the app. With Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, you can this communication data into insights and thus enable proactive compliance management. The app is already available for download in the Microsoft Teams Store and at Microsoft AppSource. The entire range of functionalities will be available soon, with GA of the Microsoft Teams Calling API. 

Follow this link to download the app at Microsoft AppSource: http://bit.ly/ASCRecordingInsights.