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New Partnership between ASC Technologies and Sumitomo Shoji Machinex

ASC and SMX allied to provide a professional compliance recording solution for Microsoft Teams

Today ASC Japan announces the new partnership with Sumitomo Shoji Machinex (SMX), one of Japan’s largest and most popular distributors in the field of communication. ASC as one of the worldwide leading providers of software and cloud solutions for omnichannel recording and SMX join forces to provide a professional compliance recording solution for Microsoft Teams.

ASC’s compliance recording solution Recording Insights is a native Microsoft Teams solution used by all organizations with a legal obligation to record and archive their Teams communications. Cloud-based communications based on Microsoft Teams and the corresponding need for recording are increasing in Japan. SMX will introduce ASC Recording Insights to the Japanese market and is confident that the solution will help businesses to ensure legal compliance by recording and analyzing their Teams communication.

“With our partner SMX, we will bring compliance for Microsoft Teams to Japanese customers. Together, we are supporting the journey of financial institutes and other enterprises to bring their communication to the Microsoft Teams cloud, in a legally compliant way”, explains Dr. Gerald Kromer, Chief Executive Officer of ASC.

Customers from different countries and industries benefit from the seamless integration of Recording Insights in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular collaboration apps globally, currently being used by 250 million monthly active Users – and rising. In Japan, the percentage of Teams utilization of Nikkei 225 companies was 84 per cent in 2020 according to Microsoft, and has grown to 94 per cent in 2021. SMX is an expert in ICT systems and has been well prepared for this strong market trend to replace traditional phone systems by Microsoft Teams. Anticipating the upcoming market need to migrate to Microsoft Teams in a compliant way, SMX allied with ASC.

“We are very pleased to be able to conclude a partnership with ASC. We are confident that ASC's software and cloud solutions in Microsoft's Teams voice market will promote the conversion of many users to DX and solve their pain points”, Yoshida San, Sales Head from SMX.

About SMX

Sumitomo Shoji Machinex have continuously grown as a trading company specializing in machinery, electronics, information, and communications, as well as building equipment since 1962. Recently, SMX have been pursuing business expansion in new areas while actively supporting the businesses of Japanese companies expanding overseas and coordinating businesses with non-Japanese companies. Besides, in the information communication industry, SMX also support UC environments, ICT-related products and ICT infrastructures.