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Next Level Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams: Recording Insights with New Functionality

Next Level Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams: Recording Insights with New Functionality

Companies benefit from fast onboarding and easy administration

ASC Technologies AG, provider of one of the first certified compliance recording solutions for Microsoft Teams, has invested in the further development of its solution and is now presenting a wide range of new features. With these, ASC meets users’ requirements for even more convenience and enhanced security. ASC Recording Insights now includes enhancements such as compliance chat recording, options for encryption, extended analytics, flexible licensing etc.

Recording Insights supports companies worldwide in implementing legally compliant recording and archiving of the recorded data. The need for highest levels of security is reflected in this new feature set, as one central
enhancement are two new options for encryption. First of all, encryption by means of customer key management is now possible - the customer is the exclusive administrator of the encryption keys and thus has unrestricted control of the access rights. On top of that, so-called key rotation allows changing the encryption key automatically in predefined intervals. Secondly, customers can now choose from the new licensing options Smart Voice Recording and Compliance Voice Recording. These options for audio and chat recording are of special interest for customers without a need for video or screen recording.

“We respond to our customers' requirements and are constantly expanding our services. Our latest version includes additional compliance features with increased ease of use and ease of deployment”, says Dr. Gerald Kromer, Chief Executive Officer of ASC Technologies AG. “Our rapidly increasing customer base proves our approach right.”

The certified Microsoft Teams recording solution offers encrypted data exchange, quick onboarding via Azure Active Directory, and omni-channel recording according to compliance regulations such as MiFID II, Dodd-Frank or FinVermV by default. In addition, by means of Microsoft Cognitive Services, users can transcribe, translate, and analyze audio and video data.

Here is the most important new functionality of Recording Insights:

  • Advanced encryption options: customer key management and key rotation
  • Post-compression: post-compression for cost optimized long-term archiving
  • Compliance chat add-on: chat recording of 1:1, 1:n and channel chat
  • Analytics: categorization and keyword spotting based on keyword lists
  • Licensing options Smart Voice Recording and Compliance Voice Recording
  • Use of expanded recording rules by means of allow and deny lists
  • Azure AD group support for easy administration of user groups
  • Multi-language support: German, English, and Japanese already available; French and Spanish to be added soon

Customers and partners are delighted about the steady development of features. In the last few months, the number of new customers has tripled. “The new possibilities that arise with ASC Recording Insights are impressive and onboarding is just a breeze. We see infinite potential to position ASC Recording Insights in the market as the native compliance recording app for Microsoft Teams”, says Axel Borchers, Head of Consulting & Design at Atos.