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PMRExpo 2019: ASC is Presenting Solutions to Record and Analyze Mission-Critical Communication

Guaranteeing safety, improving processes, reducing employees’ workload

At this year’s PMRExpo in Cologne, ASC Technologies AG is presenting its solutions to record and analyze communication in control centers. From 26th to 28th November 2019, interested visitors can learn more about the diversified possibilities to reduce the workload of employees in control centers as well as to improve processes and response times in emergency situations. All ASC solutions can be installed on-premise as well as purchased as a service from the public or private cloud.

Recording and analysis technologies for control centers

The solutions facilitate documenting emergencies and minimize processing times by automatically recording calls, transcribing audio, creating protocols, and completing forms. The entire communication is captured across all channels, saved and archived. As a result, the recorded data can be used as the basis for the automated analysis of workflows in control centers.

Recorded conversations can be categorized according to defined keywords and phrases or prioritized according to their relevance. Calls containing critical keywords and catchphrases trigger an alarm in real time and are eventually documented reliably. That way, incidents can be reconstructed and evaluated. Transcribed call protocols can serve as evidence in case of police investigations if required. Furthermore, contact centers profit from these evaluations and assessments as a basis for coaching and trainings. Contact centers thus decisively increase the response times of their employees and improve conversation skills in challenging situation.

Reliable short-term documentation

In control centers, every second counts when taking decisions. Simple functionality and intuitive handling are two essential components in guaranteeing exactly this. Therefore, ASC has developed POWERplay Go. The web application neatly displays all data relevant in emergency situations. A touchscreen guarantees intuitive handling. The size and position of the application can be configured depending on individual requirements.

PMRExpo in Cologne is one of the most important tradeshows in Europe for secure communication solutions and attracts visitors from around the globe every year. For three days, more than 200 national and international exhibitors showcase their products and services on 4,800 square meters. ASC invites interested visitors to drop in at booth E27 in hall 10.2 and get a first-hand impression of the state-of-the-art technologies.