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Supporting the Workplace Transformation is Necessary


The profound changes in working habits and the increasing use of digitalization are leading companies to change their organization and implement new systems to enable their employees to work in the best possible conditions. It is in this context that the notions of digital Workspace (focused on tools) and digital Workplace (focused on the workplace) are now fundamental in the evolution of corporate governance. More globally, the company is becoming virtual, dematerialized and professionals are now waiting for infrastructures and tools that allow them to carry out their digital transformation.

With these elements in mind, we are seeing major technology providers such as Microsoft and Google making massive investments to give a face to the digital workplace. The objective is to create integrated environments for companies that will be able to access all the tools they need to exchange, communicate, work, collaborate, etc. Only then the digital enterprise will have real meaning.

The challenges of security in the Digital Workplace

One of the major challenges for contact centers is to position quality at the center of their growth strategy. To do this, managing more and more channels to interact with customers is no longer enough and, thanks to the A successful digital transformation is therefore based on tools that will meet the new uses of employees. But that's not all. We must also take into consideration the subject of security, which is an equally important component. Indeed, in order to collaborate in a virtual way, it is of course necessary to evolve in a sphere of trust. On this subject, it is then necessary to take into account many points going from the research of productivity to the respect of regulatory constraints.

Let's remember that, unlike on-site control, securing the Workplace requires the use of dedicated tools that will enable various complementary operations to be carried out, such as recording and archiving conversions on all devices on the market (mobile phones, PCs, tablets, etc.). In this sense, we also note that the use of new generation technologies such as the cloud is a great accelerator to carry out its security project with complete flexibility. Such an approach that focuses on processes and people is therefore strategic.

However, a Big Bang approach is not always possible, especially in regulated sectors such as finance. It is therefore sometimes necessary to implement hybrid systems. Here again, Cloud Computing provides this flexibility for rapid deployment. Whether for regulatory or non-regulatory purposes, the subject of security is therefore a key to ensuring the successful digitization of one's workspace and environment.

Eric Buhagiar
Managing Director ASC France

Eric Buhagiar is Managing Director at the ASC subsidiary in France and will support the development of the cloud activity of ASC in France and transform the business model from direct to partner sales. He will also increase the market share of ASC in the Call Center market by bringing a long experience in customer experience gained from several position at OBS, Avaya and Nortel.