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The Way to Go With Your Compliance Management

Recording, Compliance, Contact Center

We enable companies to streamline their business processes while complying with increasing regulations and reporting requirements in a consistent and cost-effective manner.

Future orientation is the key to growing a business. The objective must be to create integrated environments to enable companies to access all the tools they need to exchange information, communicate across teams, and collaborate efficiently. As compliance is a topic of growing interest, we at ASC have made it our goal to develop solutions that make it easy for our customers to comply with regulatory requirements.

Compliance depends not only on accurate information and appropriate accounting processes, but also on the people who set up and administer those processes. An effective business management solution can facilitate compliance by helping to manage valid and accessible information through transparent processes that have been set up in compliance with industry and regulatory standards.

Integration of ASC’s Compliance Recording Software Recording Insights in Dynamics 365 offers Recording Control, Replay of Sessions, and Analytics Results in the CRM

Thanks to the integration of ASC’s Recording Insights - a native app for compliance recording in Microsoft Teams – into Dynamics 365, users gain full control of their compliance management and comprehensive insights into customer call interactions right within their CRM. And there is more: Recordings can be started directly from within Dynamics 365 and linked to the respective customer entity.

Gain control of critical information, processes, and reports:

  • Recorded media are listed in the customer’s CRM timeline. That way, users see the complete customer history along with all information generated within the CRM as well as further content from customer call interactions.
  • Recorded calls can be replayed directly within Recording Insights via a link.
  • Timeline entries offer the possibility to display metadata and a transcription while keeping the recording in the protected compliance environment of ASC’s Recording Insights infrastructure.
  • Timeline entries can be enriched with results from ASC‘s Compliance Policy Engine to categorize conversations or easily detect certain key phrases. This way, it is possible for example to mark those calls which lead to a transaction or to auto-set the retention time for compliance conversations which must be archived and held available for several years.

Due to various compliance regulations such as MiFID II, Dodd-Frank or FDCPA companies in the healthcare, financial, or public sector are obliged to record their conversations. The integration of Recording Insights into Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a further step to offer customers a compliance solution fully integrated into their business processes. Customers can drive immediate business results by identifying compliance risks or upselling potential while displaying the entire communication as text.

That way, ASC meets the users’ requirements for more convenience, enhanced security, and streamlined usability.

Katrin Henkel
Chief Strategy Officer

Katrin Henkel is President of ASC Americas and has 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. In her more than 20 years at ASC, she has held many leadership positions at the company's headquarters in Germany, including Sales, Marketing, and Product Management. She has also been responsible for the partnership with Microsoft for many years.