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Boost Compliance in Financial Services with AI

A guide for financial services to enhance compliance in Microsoft Teams

Whitepaper Topics

Master Compliance Issues with the Help of AI


  • The future of financial services with Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Cloud
  • Security and compliance in Microsoft Teams
  • Safeguarding financial institutions by ensuring compliance
  • How manual audits can expose your business to compliance hazards
  • Leveraging the power of AI data analytics for compliance
  • A responsible approach: Using AI without compromising privacy and security

From Ensuring to Enhancing Compliance

Leveraging the Power of AI Data Analytics for Compliance

AI is revolutionizing conversation analytics. By utilizing AI, organizations can save both time and money while also reducing the risk of violating compliance rules or missing important signals. AI has the ability to monitor, evaluate, and improve the quality and effectiveness of conversations, while also providing valuable feedback and insights to all parties involved. 

ASC Pursues a “Better Together” Strategy
with Microsoft

“With our strong first party compliance and security capabilities combined with ASC’s deep call recording compliance solutions, we are excited to provide a differentiated set of compliance management capabilities for the financial services industry.”

Chad Hamblin
Global Director, World Wide Financial Services Group,


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