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ASC Successfully Implements Contact Center Solution INSPIRATION with Speech Analytics for Dialogo Contact Center in Italy

International Customer Care Company for Automotive Industry with 20 Years of Experience Selects ASC for its Contact Center

ASC today announced the successful implementation of INSPIRATION with Speech Analytics for the contact center of Dialogo, a marketing services, customer assistance and sales network for one of the largest international automotive groups.

With Audi, BMW and Volkswagen among its clients, Dialogo uses INSPIRATION with Speech Analytics on 80 channels for process optimization, agent training and improvement of the customer experience. ASC’s Speech Analytics is particularly useful for contact centers with a high volume of customer interactions and an otherwise unmanageable number of conversations.

Marco Mueller, Chief Operating Officer of ASC, said, “We are particularly proud of our implementation of INSPIRATION with Speech Analytics for Dialogo Italia. With more than 20 years of experience in the customer care industry, Dialogo’s selection of ASC speaks volumes about our sophisticated contact center technology.”

Mr. Mueller went on to discuss some of the main capabilities of ASC’s solution: “INSPIRATION takes unstructured data from contact center interactions and transforms it into actionable information to evaluate the latest trends, sales campaigns and processes. The solution assists decision makers on an enterprise-wide basis, enabling near real-time analysis of customer needs and feedback.”

Dialogo has received the Call Center Association’s (CCV) Quality Award and managed the first customer care service for the automobile industry in Europe. The Italian organization was founded as a subsidiary of DIALOG GmbH, one of the largest contact centers in Germany.

ASC’s solutions are promoted in Italy through a more than 20-year partnership with ADABUS, based in Milan. Mauro Destefanis (ADABUS) comments: „Dialogo is now up-grading the ASC Recording and Analytics Solutions to extend and to improve their Contact Center performances” ADABUS played the main role in the implementation of this project through consulting, analysis, installation and integration, and it has sold more than 1,600 ASC solutions in Italy over the years. Both companies plan to continue to work together closely in the future.


ADABUS has been an ASC partner for 20 years promoting their solutions in Italy. This includes project design, software integration and installation. ADABUS has sold more than 1,600 ASC solutions in Italy and both companies plan to continue working together closely in the future.


About Dialogo Italia

Dialogo Italia s.r.l. is headquartered in Germany by DIALOG GmbH. DIALOG GmbH is one of the largest contact centers in Germany. Dialogo Italia was founded in 2002 in Verona for the customer care service, prospect and sellers in the automotive sector, soon becoming a reference point for brands of different merchandise sectors. Dialogo contributes to the creation and the evolution of the concept of Customer Care, with team spirit, constant updating, continued attention to customers’ needs and daily technological change. Thus Dialog provides for example state-of-the-art services like video assistance.