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ASC and Loxysoft Partner for Superior WFO Offering

A partnership that forms a combined suite of solutions for Workforce Optimization, to help companies reach operational proficiency while keeping employees engaged and happy.

Two of the leading software providers of workforce optimization solutions, Loxysoft and ASC Technologies, recently signed a strategic partnership that combines Loxysoft’s workforce management system ProScheduler with ASC’s host of omni-channel recording, quality management and analytics solutions to create a full-service Workforce Optimization Suite designed to ensure peak operational efficiency while maintaining the highest levels of employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

“The partnership with ASC enables us to introduce a joint offering to the market with a product suite which is equally feature rich as it is easy to use & implement,” notes Emma Skygebjerg, Chief Partnership Strategy Officer at Loxysoft. “ASC’s solutions and services synergized with ProScheduler’s own features creates a truly robust Workforce Optimization service that offers unparalleled service to the Contact Center industry. We are very excited about this partnership!”

ProScheduler is a fully scalable, enterprise-class WFM solution that simplifies workforce management every step of the way. ProScheduler features a user friendly & intuitive interface that delivers quick and powerful optimization solutions along with real-time SLA simulations & overflow calculations with just a few clicks of a button – making sure that employees maintain a healthy work/life balance. All this while giving companies great value for money as most of the company's clients have seen returns on investment in as little as four to six months.

“We are pleased to partner with such a well-respected and experienced company who provides high value workforce management solutions to their clients,” says Dr. Gerald Kromer, Chief Executive Officer at ASC. The combination of our portfolios and individual strengths represents a win-win collaboration for both our companies.”

About Loxysoft

Loxysoft is a leading provider of workforce management systems for contact centers. Loxysoft offers the truly intuitive WFM tool ProScheduler, an enterprise class Workforce Management system with cutting edge optimization and realtime features. ProScheduler is quick to implement and easy to learn, which is key in truly saving time and resources in scheduling processes. A typical return on investment is made within 6 months. ProScheduler also increases employee engagement and productivity, by building schedules optimized to the workload, and offering options such as preferred working hours. The user-friendly forecasting module imports data from nearly a hundred external platforms and allows users to easily run different forecasting scenarios, while also predicting shrinkage based on historic absences. Playbook, ProScheduler’s new customizable realtime dashboard, conveniently helps team management efficiently monitor intraday activities, making sure agents follow their schedule and channels are covered as planned. In essence, ProScheduler will allow you to save time and resources on scheduling and reporting, while improving customer experience and agent satisfaction, taking your operations to the next level!

For more information please visit the website www.proscheduler.com.