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ASC Expands Cloud Services

Companies with on-premise telephony will now benefit from the advantages of ASC’s neo cloud

ASC Technologies AG now offers companies the possibility to connect their on-premise PBXs to the ASC neo cloud. That way, customers benefit from all the advantages that ASC’s cloud-based solutions bring without having to reorganize their own infrastructure. In addition to the innovative solutions for recording, companies now have all features for the analysis of their corporate communication at their fingertips.

The challenge: Rapid growth in data processing as a result of digitization

Digitized business models and processes drive increasingly complex IT requirements. Many companies are facing the challenge to fulfill their own and their customers’ increasingly complex needs with nothing but their existing on-premise telephony at hand. This often results in the approach to outsource such applications to a cloud. However, not all companies will be able to reorganize their entire infrastructure at once.

The solution: On-premise connection to the cloud

ASC’s model combines the security, high availability, and the efficient usage of resources that a cloud solution brings with the advantages of the customer’s own infrastructure. Existing PBXs can be integrated effortlessly and seamlessly into the ASC neo cloud. As a result, companies with an on-premise communication infrastructure can use ASC’s recording and analytics solutions from the cloud.

Dr. Gerald Kromer, Chief Executive Officer of ASC explains: “Our model is a true innovation in comparison to standard provisioning models of cloud services. Customers no longer have to opt for either cloud services or on-premise services; instead our economically attractive solution is readily available whenever the need arises.”

Advantages: Maximum flexibility and security at reduced costs

Thanks to a user-based accounting model, customers can flexibly opt for those services that cater to their current requirements. Furthermore, the cloud services of ASC’s neo cloud are fail-safe and always up to date. They allow capturing, saving, and archiving the entire corporate communication in accordance with prescribed security standards. The cloud-based recording solution thus helps companies to observe compliance regulations and legal guidelines such as MiFID II and the European General Data Protection Regulation.