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Handbook: ASC Takes You to the Cloud

Tips and Hints on Compliance and Data Security

Guideline for cloud onboarding

Cloud providers and data protection: which regulations are there?
What are the criteria to consier when opting for a cloud provider?

More and more companies take their applications to the cloud. Scalability, reduced costs, relief of internal resources – those are the advantages that the cloud offers. In addition, technological changes and the competitive edge encourage the step to the cloud.

But despite the general enthusiasm for cloud computing, some companies are still reluctant to purchase the respective services from the cloud. Especially regarding compliance, safety, and data protection, many questions and concerns remain unanswered. To erase uncertainties, ASC has decided to take a closer look at these questions.

In our manual, we explain what the cloud is and list the most important factors which should be considered when opting for a cloud provider. Besides basic information on cloud computing, ASC experts explain what a successful cloud onboarding process looks like.

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