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Cloud vs. On-Premises Solutions: Choosing the Right Communication Platform for Financial Services

In the finance sector, choosing the right communication platform is pivotal. ASC advocates for a cloud-native approach, leveraging Azure for Teams. This blog post will outline the advantages of cloud vs. on-premises solutions, guiding readers through the key benefits.



The Strategic Choice: On-Premises vs. Cloud-Native Solutions

In the financial sector, the move to digital and cloud-based communication platforms is essential. Microsoft Teams is leading this shift, but its integration with compliance and analytics is creating another critical decision point for financial institutions. To achieve this integration, they can either adapt existing on-premises solutions or adopt a fully cloud-native software stack.

ASC Technologies has chosen the latter, developing a cloud-native solution on Azure for Microsoft Teams from scratch since 2018. This approach is driven by the belief that cloud infrastructure not only maximizes Microsoft Teams' capabilities but also aligns with the future of secure and efficient communication in finance. Discover why cloud-based solutions, particularly those powered by Microsoft Azure, are the best choice for financial institutions aiming to modernize their communication systems in a secure and efficient way.

Native Cloud Solution

Hosted and highly secured (double encrypted)in Azure, geo-redundancy

Safe Storage in Azure

Compliant storage & archive, tamper-proof, secure storage in any Azure region

Data Encryption

Tenant-specific, encrypted data exchange, Rights based on Microsoft Entra ID

Benefits of Compliance Recording Services Hosted on Azure

Deciding between an on-premises solution and a cloud-native recording service is a high-stakes decision for financial institutions, heavily influenced by their long-term technology strategy. This discussion aims to highlight why a Compliance Recording Service built natively for Azure and Teams offers distinct strategic advantages compared to traditional, on-premises solutions. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Cost Efficiency and Simplified Purchasing: Azure-hosted services streamline the acquisition process and provide more predictable, scalable pricing structures.
  • Rapid Deployment and Provisioning: Azure's agility ensures that services can be rapidly deployed and scaled to meet demand efficiently.
  • Unmatched Flexibility: The scalable nature of cloud services allows institutions to adapt to market changes and business growth seamlessly.
  • Enhanced User Experience: With intuitive design and integration, Azure-hosted services require less training, driving higher user acceptance.
  • Operational Cost Savings: The cloud minimizes the need for physical infrastructure and its maintenance, leading to significant operational savings.
  • Robust Security: Azure provides comprehensive, cutting-edge security features that are continuously updated to address new threats.

For organizations that have embraced Microsoft Teams, transitioning their compliance recording and analytics to a cloud-native solution like Azure is the next logical step. This is illustrated by the experience of approximately 80% of ASC's Recording Insights customers who, having previously used on-premises solutions, chose ASC's Azure-based service when moving to Teams. Not only does this trend demonstrate the inherent benefits of cloud-native solutions, it also represents a broader industry shift towards more flexible, secure, and cost-effective compliance recording strategies.

Comparative Analysis: Recording Insights vs. On-Premises Solutions

In order to provide a clearer understanding of the strategic advantages that Recording Insights offers over traditional on-premises or hosted recording solutions, we present a detailed comparison across a number of critical aspects. This table highlights the progressive design of ASC's cloud-native solution, optimized for seamless integration with Azure and Microsoft Teams, compared to the more traditional, often hardware-dependent, on-premises solutions.. This comparison highlights the superiority of ASC’s approach in terms of infrastructure, deployment efficiency, scalability, user management, and overall cost efficiency, among other factors.



Recording Insights

On-premises Recording Solutions


Native to and secured in Azure

Hosted on vendor or customer infrastructure


Implementation as an ASC set of services using Azure services (exclusively)

Typically implemented as virtual machines


Available via the Azure marketplace, can be provisioned from the Teams app store

Typically not available in the Azure marketplace

High Availability

Fully redundant services leveraging Microsoft's high availability services

May not use all Microsoft high availability services

Deployment Time and Cost

Deployments within hours, cost-effective

Week- to months-long deployments, high cost

User Management

Leverages Microsoft Entra, no personal data stored with records

Own user management, personal data may be stored with records


Scales out across Azure resources

Requires hardware and software deployments

Functionality / Change Management

Always up-to-date with free, timely updates

Updates are time-consuming and costly


Uses Microsoft's AI services with superior functionality

May use inferior AI services with potential security risks

Microsoft Integration

Superior integration based on service architecture

Varies by architecture


ASC handles monitoring, maintenance, and updates

Maintenance typically managed by the customer

User Experience and Training

Native integration in Teams, minimal training required

User experience varies, often extensive training required


Remote access for agents in the Teams app or browser

Accessibility varies, could be limited

Data Security

Fully secured in Azure, with end-to-end encryption

Security varies, might not offer the same level of encryption

Overall Cost Efficiency

Subscription model for lower up-front capital and operating costs


High upfront and running costs

Maintenance and Updates

Managed by ASC: Ensures latest software version at all times

May require in-house management and additional costs

Innovation and Features

Regularly adds new features, incorporates latest technologies

Adoption of new features and technologies may be slower. Whilst customization is a strength of hosted solutions, it can also mean that the solution is built around specific needs, making it difficult to integrate new technologies or standards.

Why On-Premises Solutions Fall Short in Today’s Digital Finance World

Operational Disruptions

On-premises and hosted solutions often necessitate maintenance windows, leading to inevitable downtime. Such disruptions can have a significant impact on day-to-day operations, especially for systems that are critical to business functions. In addition, the complexity and cost of upgrades can lead to version lock-in, where organizations are unable to quickly adopt newer versions and miss out on critical security enhancements and features.

Security Patch Management:

The bespoke nature of hosted solutions can lead to delays in the application of critical security patches, exposing organizations to prolonged periods of vulnerability.. This scenario is especially precarious for sectors under stringent regulatory scrutiny, where delayed updates could translate into non-compliance, attracting potential legal and financial consequences.

Resource and Expertise Requirements:

Maintaining these traditional solutions demands specialized knowledge, which can stretch resources if the in-house team lacks the necessary expertise. In addition, the reliance on specialist support services for the management of these solutions increases the total cost of ownership, making them an expensive proposition over time.

At a time when agility, security and efficiency are paramount, these limitations reveal the challenges of clinging to on-premises and hosted solutions. There is a compelling case for moving to cloud-native platforms given the operational, security and resource constraints highlighted here. Such platforms, epitomized by solutions like ASC Recording Insights hosted on Azure, not only circumvent these issues but also offer unparalleled advantages in scalability, security, and innovation, setting the stage for financial institutions to thrive in the digital age.


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