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How Artificial Intelligence is Accelerating the Transformation of Contact Centers

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More than ever, technology is at the heart of business processes. In this context, contact centers are entering a new age and will have to deeply transform themselves in order to offer ever better quality of service and gain agility in their operations.

The transformation of contact centers should accelerate significantly in the coming months and affect all players in the sector (both large and small contact centers), particularly thanks to the contribution of the cloud, for example, which enables very high value-added projects to be deployed rapidly and at controlled costs.

Opening up new fields of possibility

One of the major challenges for contact centers is to position quality at the center of their growth strategy. To do this, managing more and more channels to interact with customers is no longer enough and, thanks to the cloud, new functionalities that were previously reserved for large players or regulated companies now seem to be democratized. Among these, we can mention recording, Artificial Intelligence and analytics technologies that are being grafted onto the market platforms.

Simplify the work of teams and supervisors

The traceability of exchanges with customers on all media used (voice, chat, etc.) is a key element that will profoundly impact the quality of service delivered. In this sense, being able to automatically record and transcribe the interactions made with customers is fundamental. Through this mass of information, contact centers will be able to benefit from valuable data, avoid losing information and better evaluate the relevance of the answers given to the requests made by the customer for example. The objective is also for supervisors to have a precise and relevant analysis of the exchanges carried out and therefore to be able to continuously evolve the management methods to improve the quality delivered.

The rise of AI

But beyond automatic recording and transcription, we should also mention the subject of Artificial Intelligence, which also meets new needs and helps agents and supervisors to carry out their missions properly. Thus, combining recording and analytics will make it increasingly easy to access key information without having to search for it. It will be possible, for example, to have a precise idea of the customer's satisfaction in near real time during their exchanges, but also to have a vision of the evolution of their feelings as the conversation progresses.

Artificial Intelligence is therefore a powerful ally that enables customer relations teams to carry out their missions in the best possible conditions. The vision is that eventually, Artificial Intelligence will be integrated into every part of the contact center and that augmented agents will be the norm. These agents will have tools that provide them with information about a customer and present them with the steps to take on their screen. AI, through real-time listening to communications, will help personalize responses for customers and create processes to ensure high call resolution.

In light of this, it is clear that the cloudification of contact centers will open up new possibilities and give life to the concept of augmented agents. This progressive transformation will lead to a redesigned and enhanced customer experience. Ultimately, this will result in concrete operational benefits and will greatly enhance the reputation of brands that have placed quality at the center of their business processes.

Eric Buhagiar
Managing Director ASC France

Eric Buhagiar is Managing Director at the ASC subsidiary in France and will support the development of the cloud activity of ASC in France and transform the business model from direct to partner sales. He will also increase the market share of ASC in the Call Center market by bringing a long experience in customer experience gained from several position at OBS, Avaya and Nortel.