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Cloud is the future


Our study "Communication 4.0" for download

What are the benefits of cloud services?
What is the impact of cloud services on internal work processes?
What challenges do companies face when attempting to migrite to the cloud?

Cloud computing is becoming more and more important for businesses. Our study “Communication 4.0 – Communication & Collaboration in the Cloud“ showed that an increasing number of companies is migrating their applications to the cloud. The survey was attended by experts from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg, mainly executives and technology managers from the banking and insurance sectors and contact centers, as well as public organizations and public safety headquarters.

The experts answer questions on how they are using cloud applications – especially considering increasing demands and rapid developments in today's working world and IT. Ralph Mueller, Development Specialist for Cloud Services at Bucher + Suter is one of those experts. He states that the cloud is crucial to the future:

"For me, the topic of the cloud is tantamount to industrialization in the field of IT. It will bring with it considerable change, but also growth, in the IT market."

– Ralph Müller, Development Specialist for Cloud Services at Bucher + Suter

Which cloud strategies do companies from different industries pursue? What are the reasons for and against cloud services? And what are the key factors for moving to the cloud? Know the answers and take a look at our study.

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