ASC Recording Insights - Compliance Recording & Analytics for Microsoft Teams - Co-Sell ready - Native app for Microsoft Teams - Use of Microsoft’s Cognitive Services for Analytics
ASC is a selected Microsoft partner for compliance recording offering with ASC Recording Insights the only native app available for Microsoft Teams. The new cloud service ASC Recording Insights guarantees legally compliant recording and analysis for the entire communication in Microsoft Teams - including audio calls (internal and external calls), chat conversations and video meetings. Analysis tools help to evaluate the recorded data and ensure the uninterrupted compliance with legal regulations on the secure basis of Microsoft Azure.

ASC Recording Insights for Compliance Recording in Microsoft Teams

Revolutionizing Work
Microsoft Teams and ASC Recording Insights

Microsoft Teams is the central hub for collaboration: Teams brings together Microsoft’s communication and collaboration tools revolutionizing work collaboration, optimizing business processes on a global scale and increasing efficiency by building virtual teams. It is hard to remember what everyday life at office used to be like without Microsoft Teams! 93 of Fortune’s top 100 companies bank on the virtual collaboration network of the platform ⯈Microsoft Teams - and more than 75 million people around the world use Microsoft Teams on a daily basis.

Microsoft has selected ASC as a partner for compliance recording and analytics for Microsoft Teams. Customers from different industries profit from this collaboration as ASC Recording Insights enables them to document and archive their communication comprehensively. The native app captures and stores the entire communication in the ⯈Microsoft Azure Cloud guaranteeing compliance with the complex requirements of MiFID II, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank or FinVermV when using Microsoft Teams.

With ASC Recording Insights, Microsoft Teams users can meet complex, regulatory requirements for recording and archiving 'with just one click' within Teams.

Mike Ammerlaan, Director, Microsoft 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft Corp.

Recording Insights for Microsoft Teams  - Seamless user experience

All recorded data is encrypted tenant-specifically and saved in Azure in freely selectable geographical regions. By offering the possibility to configure access rights on tenant level, the solution ensures that only respectively authorized users may access the data. The settings can be customized according to individual requirements. This enables companies to meet crucial regulations regarding compliance recording and data protection.

Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams is essential for many business sectors

Companies from a wide range of industries have to comply with strict compliance requirements when it comes to recording, archiving and processing of customer data. Compliance breaches may be punished with heavy fines or trade bans.

Directives like MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, or FinVermV have a major effect on financial service providers when it comes to recording and archiving communication. ASC Recording Insights captures communication in Microsoft Teams and archives it in the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud. Individual access authorizations, storage location, retention periods, encryption mechanisms etc. guarantee legal compliance in Microsoft Teams. Analytics tools help to analyze communication by means of transcription, emotion detection, and other services.
Healthcare service providers must furnish proof for virtual patient interactions and meet specific requirement of the healthcare industry (e. g. HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). The native Microsoft Teams app ASC Recording Insights for compliance recording ensures this and offers a comprehensive approach to efficient recording, archiving, and analysis of communication between patient, insurance company and healthcare service provider.
»More information in our brochure - Compliance Recording for the Healthcare Industry with ASC Recording Insights for Microsoft Teams
Public Safety
Public Safety
Reliable and uninterrupted recording is a vital prerequisite for public safety organizations. Emergency and rescue services of major industrial facilities, energy utility companies, fire departments and ambulances as well as air traffic control centers can use ASC Recording Insights to record and archive their entire communication in Microsoft Teams safely and reliably.

Proactive Compliance with Microsoft Cognitive Services

The analytics functionalities of ASC Recording Insights coupled with the innovative AI features of Microsoft’s ⯈Cognitive Services offer a proactive approach to compliance management. All recorded interaction in Microsoft Teams can be transcribed from audio to text using speech services. On top of that, Natural Language Processing facilitates automated categorization as well as emotion detection and translation directly in the app. Communication content can be categorized, extracted, transcribed, tagged, translated, and analyzed without human involvement. Potential compliance risks can thus be detected in real time proactively. This automates labor-intensive manual tasks thus freeing the hands of compliance officers to focus on specific communication regarding compliance.

Microsoft Teams offers users a central platform for the entire end-to-end corporate communication. For many companies, compliance recording is an absolute must here - and thanks to the integration of ASC Recording Insights in Microsoft Teams we can offer our customers exactly this. By integrating Microsoft’s Cognitive Service into our analytics use cases, all Microsoft Teams users can analyze their data proactively, meet compliance regulations, reliably detect intended fraud or compliance breaches, improve risk management, and guarantee high service quality.

Dr. Gerald Kromer, Chief Executive Officer, ASC Technologies AG

Advantages of Compliance Recording in Microsoft Teams
Highlights at a Glance

  • Secure recording and archiving of the entire communication in Microsoft Teams
  • Tenant-specific encryption of data
  • Access rights management
  • Compliance features to meet specific compliance requirements of different industries
  • Recording control to start, stop, pause, delete, and mute the recording
  • Transcription, translation, keyword spotting, emotion detection (Cognitive Services)
  • Native app in Microsoft Teams integrated directly into the user interface of Microsoft Teams (changing to external systems is not required)
  • Quick and easy deployment thanks to “Click & Buy”
  • Hosted in selectable Azure regions
  • Flexible scalability and high availability
  • User matching via ⯈Active Directory

Customer Opinion

WealthVest uses ASC Recording Insights for Compliance Recording

The WealthVest’s contact center for financial services is based exclusively on Microsoft Teams and uses ASC Recording Insights for compliance recording.

We use ASC’s app for all calls that must be recorded including audio, video, screen sharing, and chat. We have deliberately opted for the ASC solution because it currently is the only native app for compliance recording and archiving in Microsoft Teams and fully meets all legal obligations.

Dillon Wood, Sr. Information Technology Specialist of WealthVest Marketing

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