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ASC Neo for Webex by Cisco

Neo for Webex

What is ASC Neo for Webex?

EVOIPneo for Webex Meetings provides a completely integrated UC recording solution

ASC’s Neo Suite allows you to record and archive communications in a compliant manner, and to process audio and video conferences as well as chats via Webex Meetings in accordance with legal recording regulations.

ASC recording provides further functionality, with which recorded datasets can be used efficiently and to gain valuable insights from communications data- for example quality management, speech analytics and eLearning.

Neo for Webex


Overview of all Recordings

All recordings within one system

Compliance Recording

According to MiFID II, GDPR, Dodd-Frank, HIPAA, FDCPA and others

Usage of Neo Features

like Search & Replay, Quality Management, Analytics, Reporting, etc.

Consistent User Experience

No effect on user or handling in Webex

Neo for Webex

What do you need to get started

  • Your Webex Site ID
  • Site name
  • NBR primary and secondary address
  • Username*

* The user must have the following administrator rights for the organization:

  • Write-protected administrator right in "Organization administrator roles"

  • Webex site administrator in Service administrator roles

Neo for Webex

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