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ASC Receives Patent for Recording Planner

ASC Technologies AG has developed a new method for controlling the recording of communication data.

The ASC Recording Planner creates customized recording rules based on defined decision criteria. It also allows the parallel use of compliance- and quality-assuring recording methods on the same system. ASC Technologies AG has now received the European patent for this unique process.

The recording of communication data is subject to a multitude of requirements (works council, General Data Protection Regulation, security guidelines in the cloud, country- and industry-specific standards). Accordingly, it is important to control the recording of communication content conforming to these specifications. Generally, this is done according to predefined schemes, the verification structure of which is not very flexible. With the ASC Recording Planner, Peter Schmitt (Chief Technology Officer) and Ralf Rösel (Director Product Management) have now developed a procedure that considerably simplifies the control of recording communication data such as telephone calls, video telephony, SMS or chat messages.

The tool provides several validation parameters that are processed in a logical structure. A decision as to whether and when a recording is necessary is made on the basis of stored recording profiles. The system may be easily adapted to the needs of the respective company. In this way, the user can incorporate empirical values and accordingly specify parameters and their sequence within the test structure (e.g. minimum call duration, maximum call duration, incoming or outgoing calls). This makes it easy to check a large number of parameters without having to run a test routine several times. The test effort and duration are reduced and the flexibility of the procedure is considerably increased.

"The ASC Recording Planner makes it easy and secure to control the recording of communication content," says Dr. Gerald Kromer, Chief Executive Officer of ASC. "The patent ensures ASC’s know-how advantage in recording. This benefits contact centers, financial institutions and public safety organizations that use the Recording Planner."